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QuadTech Engineers are Rolling up their Sleeves to Rebuild Page Packs

Posted by Lisa Allison on Nov 14, 2016 8:45:38 AM

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QuadTech’s Digital Ink System (DIS) has proven to be a game-changing piece of equipment for many Newspaper and Commercial printers worldwide. Customers have voiced great success in saving both time and money with this system, as it administers the precise amount of uncontaminated ink needed. With extended use over time, the system could need repair and QuadTech has an unbeatable manufacturer-rebuild program in place. 


Before-After Page Pack.jpg

Although these systems are known to last more than 10 years without the need to overhaul, it is inevitable that when dealing with ink equipment parts will get worn down and dirty.  

That is one of the reasons QuadTech introduced a beneficial new service: The Digital Ink System Rebuild Program. Our talented team of engineers work to completely revamp our customers’ Page Packs to once again achieve optimal performance levels.

The picture above is from one of our most recent rebuilds, but contrary to what you see – Page Pack rebuilds are much more than a thorough cleaning. Here are some of the other repairs that customers can expect from the Digital Ink System Rebuild Program:

  1. Power up pack to verify motors/PCBs/motor leads are functional
  2. Remove windows and covers
  3. Remove motors/yokes/piston assemblies
  4. Remove saddle
  5. Remove barrels
  6. Clean billet, covers, windows
  7. Put new barrels into billet and attach saddle, perform leak test, then install seals, spacers, snap rings
  8. Install new motors/yokes/piston assemblies
  9. Perform functional test on finished Pack
  10. Package and Ship to customer 


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