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QuadTech Tested...Customer Approved!

Posted by Lisa Allison on Dec 1, 2016 11:06:00 AM

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At QuadTech, we create products that enable you to provide the highest level of quality to your customers. The inspection, color, and register product installations that we have carried out around the world are a testament to our commitment to you. In particular, we are most proud of our newest product for the Newspaper market: Register Guidance with MulitCam® TRIM. This product was designed to service small-to-mid-sized Newspaper printers in markets such as India. Part of our commitment to quality includes ongoing testing of our products in order to ensure that your operations run smoothly.



While others might view product testing as tedious and expensive, we believe it to be a crucial step to ensure the safety, effectiveness, and acceptability of our products. There are two main functionalities we test before software and hardware leave our facility: that the components function properly and that all parts of the system are communicating correctly.

In the case of MultiCam TRIM, testing tactics done at our manufacturing facility before arriving at the customer’s doorstep are especially important because the LED-based camera must properly “communicate” errors to the user interface. Whenever errors arise or a correction is needed, the operator is immediately notified through the software.

Along with testing before a product ships around the world, all of our products go through an initial testing at "beta sites." By enlisting outside sources to run extensive testing, we ensure the validity and thoroughness of product evaluations.

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