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High-Quality Registration is Achievable and Economical with MultiCam® TRIM

Posted by Lisa Allison on Nov 21, 2016 10:38:32 AM

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Accurate printing registration systems ensure mark patterns are aligned properly for both four color and pantone-based images. Designed to solve the specific needs of Newspaper printers, MultiCam TRIM is a custom system designed for single width, single folder applications. Issues with blurry colors and text misalignment is a thing of the past with QuadTech’s high-tech, operator-friendly system.




What is MultiCam TRIM?

The Register Guidance System with MultiCam TRIM is a closed-loop color-to-color register control system designed to meet a range of printing applications. MultiCam TRIM offers multiple lateral mark patterns and the camera can read four colors across.

What are the main features and benefits of MultiCam TRIM?

  • Simplified user interface, with icons as opposed to verbiage, for ease of training.
  • Single operator control station with a single folder and LED lighting.
  • Tailored to specific regions for low-volume, local newspapers.

How does the MultiCam TRIM system save time and money?

MultiCam TRIM was developed from proven technology installed worldwide. The camera is reliable and precise, which guarantees high-quality performance. Camera functions can be preset from either press controls or through the ICON™ setup library. Therefore, makeready is reduced and operators will spend less time learning, fine-tuning, and troubleshooting.


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