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Line Scan Cameras for Print Inspection

Posted by Kris De Smet on Mar 29, 2016 11:40:35 AM

Line Scan technology - How is the image acquired?

A line scan camera captures the image line per line in fast succession.

The image in X-direction is generated by the sensor and its resolution is defined by the number of pixels in the line.

For the second Y-dimension of the image acquisition, motion is required. The image in this direction is generated by to the movement of the web, it is important that this is an extremely uniform motion. The feed is synchronized by means of an encoder mounted on the press. The faster the camera can scan each individual line the better the image quality will be. The scanning speed is called line rate and is today typically any rate from 10kHz up to 100kHz for monochrome cameras.

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Topics: Color, Quality Management, Standards, Inspection, Defect Detection